Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hurghada Photos

A few shots from our stay on the Red Sea.  Unfortunately I don't have an underwater camera to capture the scenes from the reef.

Hurghada is full of stylized resorts intended to appeal to Western misconceptions of the Orient.  Ironically, once inside these resorts, they are generically western.  In the "all-inclusive" compounds, you might as well be in Orlando or Vegas.

Working with HEPCA, a marine conservation organization, on collecting trash along a stretch of the Hurghada waterfront.

Our haul.  We had several locals join us, and someone came to take pictures of the strange tourists picking up trash (which was a nice change from us usually taking pictures of the locals).

The rugged, dry mountains on the approach to Hurghada.  Very, very dry.

Heading out to the reef (from left to right: Shakur, Sam, Amir, and Mohamed)

Getting our instructions from Mike.  Once in the water, we saw all sorts of cool fish.  Dolphins joined us for a while, and jumped into the water and got with a couple feet of a couple of them.  Very cool.

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