Saturday, June 2, 2012

Luxor and the Theban Necropolis

Scenes from our travels through the heart of the pharaonic antiquities.

A villa designed by Hassan Fathy, famous for his use of local motifs and materials.  This was near Hatshepsut's Temple and was used by some of the Polish team that worked on restoration.

This is was is left of "Old Qurna" near the Valley of the Kings.  Several people died in clashes with police in the struggle around relocation of the inhabitants to the Fathy-designed "New Qurna."

Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, rebuilt from the ruins of what was left after her estranged son came back and demolished the place.  She was the Queen who dressed as a man and ruled Egypt for 20 years.  This is also the site of the massacre of around 75 tourists back in 1995 by the Jamaa Islamiyah.

The truly impressive columns in Al Karnak's "Hyperstyle" built, once again, by Ramses II.

Classic scene of Luxor temple at sunset.  Beautiful to be there during the call to prayer. 

Delicate carvings of the ankh in Hatshepsut's Temple.

Mai Sia, Fardosa, Shakur, Mohamed, Andra, and our guide Marwa at Luxor.  The gr.oup is getting along really well.

Moon above the mosque that is located in the middle of Luxor Temple (which also houses an old church).  Layers of history and faith traditions there.

Obelisk erected by Queen Hatshepsut at Karnak.

Scene of balloons over the Nile from our hotel in Luxor.  There are lots of tour boats there, and it is very touristy.  The hills in the background are where the Valley of the Kings, Queens, and Hatshepsut's Temple are.  There were no pictures allowed in the tombs there, so I don't have any to post.

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